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About the Book

With today’s reality of widely distributed smart grid infrastructures incorporating hundreds of thousands of intelligent meters, enormous opportunities exist to leverage meter data to achieve unprecedented business results. From more reliable networks, to fewer truck rolls, extended asset life, outage prevention, better demand forecasting, happier customers and lower O&M costs, the benefits that can be derived from fully leveraging meter data are many and growing.


    This book was written to capture the industry’s best practices, insights, lessons learned and suggestions for achieving the best possible value from the rich meter data being captured by modern smart grid networks. In reading it, you’ll benefit from the experiences of leading utilities that have deployed smart grid networks as well as industry visionaries who are building the next generation of technology solutions.


    Together, the authors cover important topics like:

  • – Four things to look for in a workflow solution
  • – 20 questions to ask before you buy a smart meter
  • – The top characteristics of the next-generation grid communication network
  • – 3D interoperability: Why utilities should make the leap and reap the benefits
  • – The three ultimate goals of AMI security and how to achieve them
  • – Rethinking smart grid data analytics for tactical and strategic advantage
  • – How managed services can smooth the path to grid modernization
  • – A sneak peak at the smart grid of the future

    Explore the rich possibilities enabled by leveraging meter data to drive better business results.

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